Create a night scene in daylight

The scene at daylight.

The same scene but manipulated to a nightscene

How to use your off-camera flash during daylight to create a night scene.

In this small tutorial, I'll show you how to create a nightscene during daylight. I got this new lamp for Christmas and I wanted demonstrate the fantastic readding light it gives during evening reading. So how do you do this during day time?

First thing is to take a picture of the scene without a flash with an exposure so you just can see the lamp in darkness. Something like this:


How did I do this? Since I was to use a flash to support the reading lamp I sat the shutter speed to 1/200 in order for the camera later on to sync with the flash. I sat the ISO to 100. I used the Liveview function on the camera and dialed in the aperture from f/2.8 and up until I just could see the lamp as a silhouette (see above)

Then I placed a speedlight flash to the left of the chair and since i didn't want the flash to illuminate the whole picture, I sat the flash to manual mode (not TTL). Moreover I sat the flash in zoom mode in order for the light not to spread too much. Last but not least, I mounted the radio transmitter to the flash and to the hotshoe on the camera.

Last thing I did was to set timer with 10 sec delay, enough time for me to rush to the chair and make a self portrait after pressing the shutter release. I did that exercise a couple of times in order for me to have the flash at the right place (moving left, right, up and down, closer or further away). Be aware that the flash doesn't generate any lamp shadows!

And finally I ended up with the wanted picture. A little cropping in Adobe Lightroom and that was it.