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Jens Erik Ebbesen is a Nordic photographer working out of Copenhagen & Stockholm.

"I have a passion for cooking myself, it was therefor a natural step to take up food photography. I like to use natural light, however the nordic winters force me sometimes to use artificial light, but i try to avoid it. Nor do I not like styled food - if I can't eat the food I'm shooting, then I'm not interested in the job. Food photography is by many considered to be the most difficult discipline with photography - why? Where as in most other disciplines pictures can be slightly out of focus or exposure, food photos can only be good or bad. If you do not have the feeling when viewing a food photography - I'm hungry or I want to make that, then you as a photographer has failed. "

"As a contrast I like the lonely simple life when trekking in nature. I'm obsessed about the real 'wild' especially Greenland and Iceland."   

"I like to communicate visually with my pictures, making more than a thousand words irrelevant. Every picture can be interpreted, thereby unique - that's the beauty about photography."




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